NNU's Radio Frequency Tag Satellite (RFTSat) is a 3U CubeSat that will perfrom a technology demonstration of wireless, radio frequency (RF) sensor tags that harvest RF energy and communicate with the spacecraft using backscatter. The RF tags can be configured to sense many phenomena including radiation, temperature, acceleration, electric field strength and magnetic field strength. During the mission, the tags will be deployed to demonstrate the range and effectiveness of the RF system.


Robotics Vision (Drones)

The Robotics Vision research group at the Department of Physics and Engineering of Northwest Nazarene University, conducts research on machine vision technologies applicable to automation, robotics, and other areas like agriculture.

At present, the team is working on developing a remote sensing system that monitors agricultural field. The system is composed of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) mounted with a multispectral camera that acquires an image of the field from a bird’s eye view.


The purpose of this research project was to design and prototype the IdaBot – a low-cost, autonomous utility robot to assist Idaho specialty-crop growers in the day-to-day maintenance and harvesting of their crops.


Autonomous Lawn Care Robot

For their senior design project, a team of engineering students have created a lawn care robot that’s designed to navigate and mow autonomously.

“Our team created a Roomba for a lawn,” said Nampa native Esteban Cano. “We developed an electrically-powered, autonomous lawn mowing system that would take user programmable inputs and navigate the lawn accordingly, while checking a wireless server for updated information....”


Senior Projects:


  • Autonomous Lawn Care Robot - Micron
  • Rocket Launch Competition - NNU & BSU
  • Nazarene District Center Power & Water System - Myanmar


  • Search and Rescue Drone - Micron
  • Plastic Waste Gasifier Power Generator - Liberia
  • Nazarene District Center Power & Water System - Myanmar


  • Sole Sense Biometric System - Micron


  • Infant Biometric SIDS Alert System - Micron
  • Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) - Africa
  • Smart Greenhouse Systems - Argentina


  • Kudjip Water System - Papua New Guinea
  • Richelle's Rehab Machine - Washington


  • Kudjip Master Plan - Papua New Guinea


  • Portable Foam Block Factory - Peru