What is Robotics Vision at NNU?

Published on Mar 06, 2013.

The Robotics Vision research group at the Department of Physics and Engineering of Northwest Nazarene University, conducts research on machine vision technologies applicable to automation, robotics, and other areas like agriculture.

At present, the team is working on developing a remote sensing system that monitors agricultural field. The system is composed of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) mounted with a multispectral camera that acquires an image of the field from a bird’s eye view.

The Research Team

Principal Investigator: Dr. Duke M. Bulanon

Research Students:

  • John Lonani
  • Paulo R. Salvador Jr.
  • Darrell Leber
  • Heather Skovgard

Robotics Vision UAV Fleet


This the first member of the Robotics Vision UAV Fleet is the “parrot”. The parrot is a quadcopter with an integrated CCD color camera. The parrot is remotely controlled using a tablet through wi-fi connection.


The second member of the Robotics Vision Fleet is the “Hexa”. The Hexa is a hexacopter (six propellers) mounted with a multispectral camera. It is remotely controlled with GPS waypoint navigation capability so it is easy to use to acquire images over a certain area.