MakerSat: Idaho's First Satellite

MakerSat-0 will test the in-space material properties of various 3D printed polymers to prepare for using them in the ISS-based fabrication of MakerSat-1. MakerSat-0 is a multi-project satellite, hosting both NNU and CHS science payloads with shared access to the NSL FastBus power system and 24/7 GlobalStar radio data downlink.
Major Milestones
5/1/14 Project Start
8/5/15 First SmallSat Conf
8/5/16 First MakerSat paper presented at SmallSat by Braden Grim
8/6/16 Joined the NASA ELaNa 14 mission
8/17-9/24/16 Engr Build &Test
9/7/16 Engr TVAC & VibeTests @SDL Utah
9/10-23/16 Flight Payload Boards Build
9/24-10/9/16 Flight Hard/SoftwareTests
10/10-17/16 Flight Satellite Integration @ NSL
10/18-21/16 Environmental Tests @ SDL Utah
10/31-11/4/16 DITL & Shock Tests @ Tyvak
11/4/16 Environ.Test Reports submitted
4/28/17 Mission Readiness Review @ Tyvak
8/4/17 Ready for Re-tests at Cal-Poly
8/16/17 P-Pod Integration @ Tyvak
11/10//17 Launch on JPSS-1 @ Vandenberg  

Watch the cool full video here!

Mission Objectives

  • Orbit the first satellite made in space, from the International Space Station, using its 3D printer and snap-together assembly by the crew

  • Demonstrate a multi-user student-oriented "Science Hub" cubesat hosting an NNU student experiment and a CHS student experiment

  • Determine the rate of mass loss of 3D printed polymers (ABS, Nylon, PLA, PEI) in space caused by outgassing, UV and ionizing radiation, monoatomic oxygen plasma, and micrometeorites

  • Determine the best polymer for 3D printing future spacecraft from

Project Members

Braden Grim - Student
Mitch Kamstra - Student
Robert Hance - Student
Connor Nogales - Student
Aaron Ewing - Student

Dr. Stephen Parke - Principal Investigator (PI)
Dr. Joshua Griffin - Co-PI

For any questions or comments please contact Dr. Parke

From left to right: Dr. Stephen Parke, Braden Grim, Connor Nogales, Aaron Ewing, Dr. Joshua Griffin


MakerSat: A CubeSat Designed for In-Space 3D Print and Assembly
July 28, 2016
Poster: Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research
Poster File [PDF, 855 KB]

MakerSat: A CubeSat Designed for In-Space 3D Print and Assembly
June 10, 2016
Paper: SmallSat Pre-Conference CubeSat Developers Workshop (SSC16-WK-29)
Paper File [PDF, 900 KB]