Department of Physics and Engineering


NNU offers an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree with concentrations in Electrical, Mechanical, or Engineering Physics. This rigorous program will prepare you to directly enter the engineering workplace, take the professional engineering licensure exam, and/or attend graduate school.

Graduates from our program have a nearly 100 percent placement rate when applying to graduate schools and joining the work force. Our professors will work closely with you both inside and outside of the classroom and lab, and you'll receive hands-on training with excellent lab and fab equipment in the new Thomas Family Health & Science Center.

Engineering Missions
A minor in Engineering Missions is available for students desiring a professional engineering degree as well as training for Christian missions and compassionate service engineering work.

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NNU offers a Bachelor of Science in Physics for students wishing to work or pursue graduate studies in physics after graduation. There is also a Bachelor of Arts in Physics for those wanting to get a degree in physics and continue in other areas such as law or medical school.  We also provide a teaching field in physics in cooperation with the Education department.

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